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Attract more qualified candidates by making your company story more visible.

  You need great candidates and you don’t have time to waste or money to burn. The solution?
Focus on the moment that matters most: when candidates are looking at your company online. That’s where kununu gives you a real advantage – bringing together job listings with the information job hunters want most, so they can get a better understanding of your company and click apply.

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of job hunters conduct their own research before deciding to apply. What will they see when they look at your company?

That’s how much the kununu experience lifts candidate conversion rates. You hear that? That’s that sound of you becoming a hiring hero.

Behold. The kununu Employer Branding Profile.

  kununu profiles are powerful. They make it easy for candidates to learn about your company, decide that the job is right for them, and click apply. We even make it easy for you to build your profile – in fact, we’ll do it for you.

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