11 Free HR Tech Tools To Add To Your Recruiting Workflow

March 19, 2018

If you’re unsure or hesitant about new recruiting tools to use in 2018, join the club. The rapidly changing landscape of online recruiting means that many HR professionals – out of either confusion or being overwhelmed by all of the new options – hold on tight to what they’re familiar with, rather than try to adopt to new tools, apps and platforms.

And at first, this is totally okay. Why make your life even harder by adding some crazy new tool, right? But over time, if you avoid HR tech altogether and don’t ever try anything new, your ability to recruit great candidates will suffer.

So if you’re looking for the easiest ways to incorporate HR Tech into your hiring process without making a huge upfront investment, we put together a list of free HR tech tools to introduce into your recruiting workflow:

1. Linkedin Sales Navigator (formerly called Rapportive)

If you use Gmail (and Google Apps for Business), Linkedin Sales Navigator – or Rapportive as it was formerly known –  is a free Chrome browser extension that’ll help you automatically get candidates’ social media profiles simply by sending or receiving an email from them. How it works is: once you write someone an email or receive an email from someone, a screen will pop up that’ll have their Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and blog information, along with a private notes section where you can add your own info. You likely already research candidates’ social profiles in your recruiting workflow so just imagine how much easier this would make that whole part of your process.

2. Company Q&A

In today’s competitive recruiting environment, frequent communication with candidates as soon as they’re interested in your company is essential to pulling in the best talent. kununu’s new Company Q&A tool will transform your candidate engagement efforts by making pre-interview communication a two-way street. Candidates can ask questions that a representative of your company can then answer, or other current or previous employees who have reviewed your organization could also weigh in on. This promotes transparency, attracting new talent to your company.

3. WhatsApp

Previously a paid app, WhatsApp is now a free messaging app that can streamline your recruitment process by allowing you to avoid dreaded rounds of phone tag. Set up groups, see when someone has viewed your message, and respond quickly via your smartphone. It’s a recruitment dream if you’re open to stepping out of the traditional email-only mindset. Best of all, WhatsApp has 1 billion users worldwide, making it one of the smartest tools for companies looking to extend their global reach with something many of today’s job hunters are familiar with.

4. Rakuna

Millennials are poised to transform the job market, yet many recruiters haven’t quite learned how to tap into this valuable workforce. The goal of Rakuna is to help businesses reach Millennials in an effective way. Rakuna manages campus recruiting events, allowing users to take snapshots of candidates’ resumes, retrieve relevant data, and make on-the-spot decisions at career fairs.

5. Evernote

Evernote isn’t a recruitment-specific tool, but this productivity app will transform your workflow. Designed to be flexible enough to do nearly anything, Evernote integrates seamlessly into your day-to-day functioning until you won’t be able to remember how you survived without it. Write notes, sync information across platforms, save URLs, and make checklists. Evernote is particularly helpful in the interview stage of recruitment: you can attach brief notes to a photo of each candidate, sharing the information within your hiring committee to streamline the decision-making process.

6. MightySourcer

MightyRecruiter is a leading candidate relationship management suite. Now, MightyRecruiter has launched a free Chrome extension called MightySourcer. The extension makes it easy to identify passive candidates across multiple channels (e.g., Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter), allowing recruiters to target these candidates effectively. Users of MightyRecruiter can quickly add potential candidates to their dashboard, making it simple to save prospective applicants in one place.

7. EasyHire

On-site interviews are becoming less common as recruitment professionals opt for more flexible, modern methods of communicating with candidates. EasyHire is a simple-to-use video interviewing platform that allows you to quickly rate candidates across various metrics, simplifying your hiring process. Plus, companies looking for technical talent can set up real-time challenges to watch applicants code or troubleshoot on the spot.

8. Prophet

Trying to track down contact information for a potential candidate but only know their social media handle? Prophet is another Google Chrome extension that makes the process of reaching out to passive candidates easier. Simply put in a person’s Twitter profile or other information, and Prophet will find their email address — and determine whether mail to the address is deliverable.

9-11. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

It should go without saying, but building an active social media presence is critical to recruiting top talent. Best of all, social media platforms are free and you can tackle them one at a time. Don’t get tied to just one forever though, as the social media landscape changes swiftly. Instead, build a cross-platform corporate branding strategy. Your posts about opportunities to work at your organization should be just one facet of a vibrant company-wide branding strategy. Build a narrative that gives prospective applicants a real taste of what it would be like to work for your organization.



Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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