3 Ways to Use Technology to Enhance Employee Engagement and Productivity

December 5, 2018

Ask any company leader whether employee engagement and employee productivity should be top priorities in their organizations and they’ll likely say “absolutely, yes”. There are plenty of good reasons for that. To start: 

  • From an employee engagement perspective, all companies leaders typically want to be sure that 1) their employees are motivated to give their best efforts on a regular basis, and 2) that nothing is getting in the way of them accomplishing what they need to, including their own sense of commitment to their role. 
  • And from an employee productivity perspective, company leaders also typically want their organization to be able to fully benefit from all of the innovative new strategies and processes available today that will help their employees do their work more happily and efficiently.

Sure, this isn’t groundbreaking news; employee engagement and productivity have both always mattered for growing companies.

But considering all of the new emerging technologies coming in and transforming the workplace, along with the increasingly high standards today’s employees have for the companies they work for… it’s only getting more critical to focus on them, and to focus on both concepts together.

The majority of employees would fully second that notion: research from Oracle finds that 90 percent of employees think that using technology and processes to transform corporate culture and create a unique working environment is important. And the company’s leaders agree. CEO Mark Hurd says, “A higher engaged employee will do more work, better work, and care more about the business and more about your customers. Engagement is the key to productivity.”

Investing in workplace technology is essential for fostering an engaged workforce, which in turn benefits productivity and communication in your organization.


Here are 3 ways to use technology to enhance employee engagement and productivity in your organization:

Increase sharing and collaboration

When your employees are ready to begin their work each day, you want them to be able to take full advantage of their time. Time spent tracking down files or teammates needed to complete a project equates to frustrations, decreased productivity and lost time. Eliminate those challenges and you’ll have a more engaged and productive workforce.

Collaboration itself has been transformed and has taken on a new role and significance in our technologically advanced society. Rather than sitting at a cubicle and working on individual projects, today’s workforce has a greater affinity toward collaboration and pooling ideas. Employees who collaborate often are more likely to share work, which fosters productivity, and are more likely to think more creatively when it comes to new projects. It’s critical that workplace managers provide their employees with tech solutions that encourage collaboration and offer a range of communication mediums.  

With a wide variety of communication tools available for businesses today, communication and collaboration has never been easier. No matter where your employees are located, which devices they use or how they communicate, there’s sure to be a tool to facilitate productivity amongst your team.

Provide flexible workplace options

According to a recent study by Zenefits, 78 percent of employees said flexible work arrangements made them more productive. The number of workplaces that offer flexible work arrangements has grown exceptionally as organizations and telecommuters alike realize the immense benefits of working remotely. The opportunity to work from home, a local coffee shop or in a totally different city results in a more engaged and invigorated workforce which, in turn, leads to increased productivity.

Flexible work arrangements aren’t possible without supportive technology, however. In particular, workplace tools with mobile capabilities keep employees connected both in and out of the workplace. Mobile devices and apps allow for a steady flow of information and make employees feel more comfortable working from remote locations.

Encourage remote employee communication by offering reliable web meeting or video conference tools. By meeting virtually, more employees are able to participate from wherever they are while staying engaged through screen-share and chat capabilities. Technology has enabled more interactive and inclusive meeting opportunities that extend well beyond internal use. Virtual meetings have become the go-to collaboration method for meeting with clients and are a common way to conduct interviews for hiring new employees.

Implement task management solutions

Task management software can transform what your employees are able to accomplish over the course of the business day by bringing all the information they need together in one key location. An application like Todoist, Podio or Trello can help to visualize workflow and keep things organized. Employees can share their task manager with their team members and create custom-labeled projects, individual assignments or team tasks.

Think of task management software as a digitally-connected to-do list. To-do lists have been used to facilitate productivity for years. They give us structure, a plan that we can stick to and that serve as proof of what we have achieved that day, week or month. A cloud-based task management program, however, incorporates the added benefits of keeping teams in sync, providing managers with performance data and managing business processes.

A task management tool stores all related documents in the cloud, ensuring that shared documents are consistently stored in one place. Rather than having to shuffle through multiple different programs and platforms, employees are able to quickly and easily access everything they need. In addition, no matter who or how many people are working on a task, the latest version is always accessible to anyone involved.


As technology continues to transform how we communicate and work, traditional workplace challenges are being overcome by solutions that provide enhanced collaboration, flexibility and overall efficiency. Increasing employee productivity in your workplace starts with having the right technology; it engages employees, fosters communication and enables your business to grow and progress.



Amanda Peterson
A contributor to Enlightened Digital and software engineer by day, Amanda Peterson loves keeping up with all the developments and goings-on in the business world. She's written on a number of topics on corporate culture including productivity, communication, and networking just to name a few.

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