5 Things That Make Job Seekers Want To Work For You

December 11, 2017

Potential employees search for many similar benefits when trying to find employment.

Safe working conditions, decent pay, and reasonable hours are probably on everybody’s list of requirements. And our own standard kununu employer review (with which we’ve gathered 2 million employee perspectives), measures 18 workplace factors and 26 individual perks & benefits that matter to job seekers. 

But, what are the real catalysts that make an applicant crave a job offer? Which benefit or perk pumps them up to an enthusiastic “YES”?

The answers may surprise you.

When it comes to today’s job seekers, there are five things (that aren’t salary!) that ultimately drive their interest in working for your company:

Robust Work/Life Integration

A demanding job can cause a person stress, damage their personal lives, and leave them little time for enjoyable activities like hobbies or travel. And employees who want to perform at the top of their games still crave downtime with friends and family. For them, a flexible schedule is worth its weight in gold.

Whether employers realize it or not, work-at-home options, unlimited vacation, and expanded work hour choices help employees maintain work/life balance. The standard eight-to-five just isn’t attractive anymore. Being able to exercise more control over their own schedules drives employees to be more motivated and enthusiastic when they are on the job. That’s certainly the case here at kununu, where all team members enjoy the option to take several WFH (work-from-home) days per month and aren’t bound to a strict 9-5 policy for daily work. Have that freedom makes us all better employees!

A Sense of Belonging

We never wanted to sit alone at a table in the school lunchroom, and that sentiment is alive in us today. In recent years organizations have realized the importance of cultural fit to foster employee satisfaction. Lack of fit, from a people perspective and not just a role perspective, is one of the main reasons for turnover. If a job seeker feels comfortable with the culture, it’s more likely to drive him or her to accept your position. And if not, they probably weren’t the right fit for your company anyway.

Appreciation and Recognition

Every person on the planet likes to feel that they are doing a good job, because the feeling of appreciation is a positive emotion that we as humans all crave. Awards, thank-you emails, and recognition of achievements at company meetings spur a person to put in 100 percent. Job seekers are drawn to positions where they see opportunities to be recognized for their efforts and positive impact on the business. 

Opportunities for Growth

The newest generation thrives in environments where they can continue to learn and grow. A stagnant job won’t keep their interest long because, unlike in generations past, today’s job seekers don’t expect to stay at one job for their entire lives.

Offers of continuing training and education and mentoring is what employers can do to perk them up and get them excited. Because even if the salary you offer isn’t their ideal, job seekers will give serious thought to offers that give them the ability to educate themselves and enrich their professional lives. 

Ability to Do Good

Job seekers want to be involved in the greater good, with something bigger than themselves. Because if you think about it – if you’re NOT actively seeking ways to do good at work, your work life is more and more likely to turn into a boring, heartless routine.

Charity work is one way to empower your employees to be able to contribute. Being part of a company that already has giving back woven into the company culture drives them to participate and helps make a difference. Feeling like they are helping either with time or money enriches their work and personal experience


Particularly in today’s job market, salary is certainly a component that drives today’s job seekers but it’s far from the only one. The other drivers may ultimately be the catalyst that makes a candidate decide for or against taking a position. Employers who understand these motivations are able to up their recruiting success and secure top talent that will make big contributions to the company’s productivity and growth.



Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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