5 Unmistakable Signs Your Hiring Process is Flawed

March 8, 2018

If you’re in charge of hiring, you most likely spend a hefty chunk of time thinking about your company’s process. Is it working well? Are you landing competitive, high performing employees? Maybe you already think your hiring process rocks.

You could be wrong.

Even though attracting, engaging, and landing talent is important to a company’s productivity and bottom line, there are dozens of ways the process can careen off-track. Failing to identify weaknesses in your hiring process can cause you to end up with less-than-stellar choices to fill your open positions. Here are 5 unmistakable signs your hiring process is flawed.

1.) Not Enough Applications Coming In

If there is only a minuscule number of decent candidates out of the huge pile of resumes you receive for a job ad, there’s an issue. Few applicants may mean you aren’t placing jobs on the sites where people are looking for them. It could also signal the job description is vague or uninteresting and failing to snag candidates’ interest. This is a serious problem. After all, if you are starting with a small pool, how can you hope to end up with an A-player?

2.) Too Many Unqualified Candidates

Another red flag is the quality of the applicants that are responding to your opening. Resumes that show inferior education and experience, or lack of the required skill set, are frustrating for talent managers to wade through. This could be the result  of a misleading or unclear job description. If the majority of your responders are not qualified for the posted position, there is something wrong with your hiring process.

3.) Candidates Coming In Are Oblivious 

Perhaps some job seekers moved from the resume review into the interview phase. While hopes may be high, it’s disappointing when they get a deer-in-the-headlights looks when asked how much they know about your company. Candidates who aren’t familiar with your brand may not have been motivated enough by the interview to research your company. Or, there might not have been good quality, up-to-date information for them to find. Either way, a blank stare is a clear signal that your hiring process is lacking.

4.) Lukewarm Enthusiasm 

Are you attracting high-quality candidates that match your open position, but they don’t seem to connect with your brand? Are they only interested in vacation time and the number of holidays they get off? If they aren’t asking questions that show a keen interest in your company’s culture and brand during the interview, how can you expect them to be driven, contributing employees if you hire them?

5.) Good Candidates Turn You Down

It’s true that there is stiff competition for high-performing job applicants, so you will undoubtedly miss the boat every now and then and lose out on top candidates. If this is the rule rather than the exception, recognize it for the big red flag it is that something is amiss in your hiring process. Was the interviewing process too drawn out? Did the job seeker feel their time wasn’t respected? Was communication lacking?

These 5 signs are surefire signals that your hiring process is flawed and needs attention. Review the issue closely to uncover the root of the problem, and then work with talent managers and interviewers to address and improve the problem. By working to rectify the shortcomings, you can build a process that attracts a larger number of A-players to your position and then transitions them into high-quality members of your team.




Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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