9 Great Recruiting Resolutions to Have for 2018

January 4, 2018

We’re starting up on a whole new year, so you know what that means: it’s time to think of – and start owning up to! – your New Years Resolutions. While we could certainly talk about the usual resolutions like eating healthier, exercising more, getting more sleep, spending more time with family, why not make a few career-related resolutions that’ll help you recruit like a boss this year?Β 

Here are 9 great recruiting resolutions to strive for in the coming months to get you that much closer to recruiting the team of your dreams:

1. Nab the best names in the industry

Who is your number one competition? And who’s the top achiever with that company? Set your sights on that person and do whatever it takes to nab them and keep them. Rinse & repeat. Not only did they bring expertise and an expansive network in the industry, but it hits your competition where it hurts.

2. Reassess your employer brand and take steps to elevate it

75% of the job candidates you’re talking to research companies online before considering a job opportunity [Linkedin Employer Brand Statistics] and are more likely to accept a position with an employer who is conscious about their online brand. An indispensable part of your online brand is online company reviews so make it a resolution to respond to every review, both positive and constructive, in a way that reflects your company culture and your commitment to employees and customers. As an added tip, responses should come from the CEO or an HR representative whenever possible. [For more on how much employer branding impacts the job seeker journey, check out this infographic)

3. Hang onto your new hires

Make a conscious effort to put as much time and money into maintaining your new hires as you do into finding and securing your new hires. The percentage of new employees who don’t last 6 months is probably all too familiar to you; are you working with the right people to make sure onboarding is effective, benefits are competitive, and the culture is positive?

4. Hang onto your old hires!

If you’re fixing problems to maintain new hires but overlooking your old hires, you’re working in circles. Your veterans must have motivation to stay long-term and believe in the company culture. These are the people welcoming in your new hires, mentoring them in their new roles, and performing at their highest level daily. Use people analytics to find out what’s working and what’s not and take action when the numbers indicate a shift or problem.

5. Start off on the right foot

Make a great first impression. Take responsibility for ensuring that new hires report to work with a grand welcoming. Whether it’s a Starbucks coffee, balloons, flowers, or a welcoming card, it should be waiting on their desk alongside their new business cards when they arrive. We rounded up a few great onboarding tips here, which includes how we here at kununu welcome our newest team members. Here’s a sneak peak:

6. Knock last year’s time to fill out of the ballpark

Manage your time to fill metrics by maintaining relationships with industry talent year-round. Although you might not have the open position right now, you’re investing in your own future by getting to know talented candidates ahead of time and building rapport.

7. Build a pipeline that’ll sustain you through the year

Just like a salesperson, you never want to start a new year without a pipeline. Maintain friendly contact with people who are happy where they are, people who are open when the right opportunity arises, and people who are actively looking at all times. This lines you up to start the new year off on the right foot and gives the opportunity to beat your own metrics next year.

8. Incorporate social media into your recruiting process

Social media has transformed recruitment by providing you direct access to candidates of your choice at the lowest cost yet. Direct messaging on LinkedIn, Facebook advertising, and advertising through your own website are three very cost-effective, very successful recruitment platforms.

9. Make a difference in your company, and outside in the world tooΒ 

And finally, if you want to make a big picture positive impact this year, aim to make a difference in your company, your community and your world.

From the inside of your company, think about ways to use your current employees feedback and input to your benefit as you try to recruit awesome new team members. And then for the community and beyond, take special care to make sure that your job ads don’t exclude anyone and take a chance on the chronically underemployed whenever possible. Offer great jobs with competitive pay in a positive working environment. Be open with senior leadership when you notice problems with culture, discrimination in hiring practices, or indications of adverse impact.



Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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