6 Tips To Transform Your Company Into A Magnet For All-Star Talent

November 2, 2017

By far, one of the biggest challenges that growing companies and HR teams have in common is being able to attract and hire the right talent. Because it’s one thing to just hire the first person who has the bare minimum qualifications you need for the job; it’s a whole other thing to find an all-star employee who can not only do the job at hand, but do it amazingly well (even exceeding their range of responsibilities) AND with enthusiasm and a great attitude. 

It’s not just a matter of having better employees that can do more work for you either – it’s also a matter of employee engagement and long term business success.

Failure to attract top candidates in the short term causes your business to become sluggish and less innovative. It makes it more likely for mediocre work to become the norm and employees to become disengaged. This then leads to a vicious cycle in which your organization becomes less and less attractive to new applicants, perpetuating your inability to recruit really awesome people.

If you’ve been relying on the same old tricks and tips to hire new employees, it’s time to take a new approach to talent attraction. Because which one do you want your company to be – a magnet for all-star talent or a repellant?

Here are 6 talent attraction tips that’ll help your company be more of a magnet: 

Use Social Media Strategically

Social media is one of the most important facets of a modern hiring funnel and social recruiting is one of those hiring channels you simply can’t ignore now that so much of recruiting is happening online. Social recruiting is especially valuable if you’re targeting a new pool of talent, whether that’s millennials or younger.

Your first step to having social media work in your favor for prospective candidates is to project a positive brand image across platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn so that applicants can find you on these platforms when they’re looking for you. One of the first reasons a job candidate might not apply to your job is because they don’t find anything substantial about your company on social media. They might think you’re either not big enough, cool enough or don’t care enough to be active on social media.

A few other pro-tips for social recruiting:

  • Make your jobs searchable by coming up with a unique hashtag (for example, Disney uses #disneyjobs and #LifeAtDisney).
  • Use LinkedIn’s data tools to identify potential candidates and reach out.
  • Keep your profile page up-to-date on information and have a designated person on your team to check it regularly.

Invest in Your Employer Brand

At the end of the day, a good hiring decision comes down to personality fit as much as relevant skills or experiences. To make sure you attract candidates who will be a good fit, take a good hard look at your company’s employer brand. Ask yourself – does it attract or repel candidates? Does it look like I’ve made an effort for job candidates who want to learn working here? If your answers aren’t 100% in the positive, it’s time to invest at least a bit of your time and energy into your employer brand. 

Your main goal is to work to present a coherent brand image across your social media profiles, webpage, posted job descriptions, and written or verbal interactions with candidates (such as in the interview process). You want to give an honest sense of your company culture, including what makes your employees unique, how the teams within your company are structured, and ultimately, what it’s really like to work at your organization. The more authentic information you provide, the more you’re able to engage top talent. 

Boost Your Image on Review Sites

When a potential candidate Googles your company name, you want the front page to be full of accurate and relevant information that puts your company in the most positive light possible. This is especially true now that Google for Jobs is here. Google for Jobs makes your company’s reputation even more visible to online job seekers, so its crucial if you want to attract all-star talent for you to pay close attention to your organization’s reputation on review sites.

While it’s unethical to create fake reviews to boost your image, there’s nothing wrong with encouraging your employees (current and former) to write honest reviews. Keep your company’s profile up to date to highlight new positions or recent news.

It’s also essential that you manage negative reviews. Many sites, like kununu, allow a verified business to respond to a comment. When responding, always be non-defensive. Simply address any negative portions of the comment, apologize if necessary, and reiterate any relevant aspects of your corporate policy if you feel that your company is being portrayed unfairly. This shows candidates that you care about your company’s image and seek to engage with your employees as well as consumers.

Make Smart Use of Video

Video provides a more personal sense of your organization than words on a webpage, and that’s exactly what all-star job candidates want to have access to. They’ve probably read all sorts of great company descriptions and fancy websites, but what matters more is the people behind the company – video is great for that.  Use video to walk through a “day in the life” of someone with a similar job description to the one you’re hiring for.

Some other ideas to generate interest among applicants through video: host a live Q&A on Google Hangouts, create some engaging Instagram stories or even go on Facebook live. This allows you to reach a wide audience of potential talent and pitch your message firsthand and with a personal touch.

Revamp Your Website & Career Page

Mobile technology has really revolutionized the hiring process, so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly and well designed with the user-experience in mind, you’re already behind the curve. Try interacting with your website from an applicant’s point of view. Is everything readable? Is important information easy to find? Do videos play properly? Do images look appropriate in size? Can you easily navigate between pages? Work with a good web design team to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward on all of your web properties, both general website and career pages.

Rebuild Your Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are often an afterthought in the hiring process. A lot of people think: just write out the job responsibilities and the basic requirements for education and work history and that’ll be enough, right? Well that’s fine if you want an average candidate. If you want your company to be a magnet for more all-star level employees, your job descriptions are your first opportunity to capture their attention and deserve more effort than that. 

First step – instead of focusing on what your company needs from applicants, think about the reverse: what do you have to offer them? For instance, your job description might say, “Work for one of the top 5 health care delivery organizations in the Northeast” or “Work as part of a collaborative marketing team, with opportunities for partial tuition remission for those seeking a higher degree.”

And then, see if you can you inject a little bit of humor or personality in there. All-star candidates have likely seen a lot of very standard job posting language, so be creative and put something unexpected (but still professional!) in your job postings to make them stand out.



Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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