Do Your Online Company Reviews Really Matter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 13, 2017

If you’re wondering if your company’s reviews really matter, the short answer: yes, they absolutely do. 

One huge part of why online company reviews matter is because the internet has become everyone’s primary source for so many types of information, and reviews are in a category of their own. But as more and more online review platforms have popped up, some companies have adapted to them and some have not.

For example, most companies – from a consumer perspective – have accepted and embraced online reviews for things like restaurant reviews (Yelp!), travel destination reviews (TripAdvisor) and product reviews (Amazon…and pretty much every major e-commerce store).


However, the same can’t exactly be said about online company reviews – or reviews left by current and former employees that help job candidates learn about your company. Even though these reviews represent a critical piece of every job seeker’s journey – the research aspect –  the market simply hasn’t fully prioritized online company reviews in the same way as they have consumer reviews.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. To the contrary – if someone tells you that your online company reviews aren’t really that important, they’re wrong.

Let’s look at some numbers that help illustrate how important they are, especially in today’s job market:

Statistical Proof That Online Company Reviews Are Important

Not only do today’s job seekers look for new jobs online – 73% of job seekers start their job search on Google – but they also use online research to investigate the companies they find interesting. A full 76% of job seekers research a company online before applying, according to the 2015 Talent Board Candidate Experience Research Project.

Whatever candidates discover about your company online is what they’ll use to decide whether or not to apply to your job listing AND as a basis for their interest level in working for you if they do apply.

Online reviews matter to passive job seekers, too: 84% of people who are not actively seeking a new job would consider leaving their current position if a company with an outstanding reputation offered them a position.

These figures, and several more macro-level trends that we’ve included in this infographic, help validate the fact that online reviews about your company really do matter.


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What are job seekers looking to find in online reviews?

Just like the review website Yelp provides insights from real consumers’ restaurant experiences as opposed to fancy jargon from the restaurant owners, employer review sites (like kununu) allow current or past employees to comment on your company. This gives prospective applicants a more authentic look into what it’s actually like to work there from someone who was in their shoes before.

Isn’t that what we all would want before deciding to work for a company?

Following are some of the qualities that job candidates look for in online reviews:

  • Transparency. Maintaining a transparent process in which employees feel like they understand how decisions are made will improve employee satisfaction (and thus your reviews). If you see a lot of reviews bemoaning a lack of transparency at your company, job applicants may think you are just putting on a show when they show up for an interview.
  • Integrity. Think about the way you do business. Do you focus relentlessly on undercutting the competition, or do you strive to be the very best you can be in your niche? This difference in focus can make the difference between a reputation as a company with integrity versus one that is underhanded or unpleasant to work at.
  • Diversity. Job seekers find diversity incredibly important. This includes making sure your workforce reflects the broader culture as far as gender and racial diversity are concerned. However, it also means that you should think about the diversity of opinions at your company. Companies that lack diversity often stagnate because of a lack of fresh ideas and the tendency to engage in “groupthink.”
  • Growth opportunities. If you have employees leaving in droves for better opportunities elsewhere, that dissatisfaction will show up in your online reviews. Most applicants are looking for a place where they can grow. Reviews indicate whether your employees feel like you are investing in their future careers.

If attracting and retaining great talent is on your list of goals this year, it’s important to make online reviews a priority in your organization. Doing this is one of the best ways that you can get a better handle on your employer brand and attract a vibrant workforce.


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Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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