Social Media Recruiting Hacks: Easy (Free) Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Hiring Activity

April 26, 2018

Although it may seem that recruiting has become more and more complicated over time thanks to all of the new HR tech tools that’s been popping up, it’s actually become much easier to reach your target audience than ever before. Social media, specifically, gives recruiters the opportunity to target the audience who best matches the roles at a fraction of the cost of a common past method of print advertising – which by the way, causes a lot of waste by reaching everybody, including those who aren’t qualified for or interested in the role. With social media, you can even get started with no money investment upfront by just posting on your free accounts, which is available to everyone.

Using social media to recruit – or at least easing your way into it for recruiting – is necessary if you want to simply keep up with tough competition. But to transcend your competition and secure top talent right out from under them, it’s about time you start harnessing the true power of social media. It’s easier than you think!

Here are handful of quick, easy, and highly effective social media recruiting hacks… and not to mention, most are totally free of cost:

#1 – Share ‘Day in the Life’ Snapshots

Take short videos or even simple photos that illustrate a day in the life of an employee with your organization. Ensure you capture the most interesting and rewarding aspects of the role, such as a nurse giving a pediatric patient their sticker or lollipop after their check-up or a loan officer delivering the news of an approved mortgage. These, after all, are the real examples of your internal company culture that no one outside of your company can see unless you share it!

#2 – Don’t Be Afraid of Live Video

Taking photos and videos takes a little planning and time investment, but live videos can be easily integrated into a normal work day. Consider taking live video when awards are given out and team members participate in community service or other meaningful activities. One great benefit to live video is that Facebook essentially advertises for free as your followers are notified in real time that you’re live.

#3 – Start a hashtag

Start a hashtag movement to gain exposure. It can have an internal focus such as AT&T’s hashtag #LifeatATT, or it can be open to all such as Coke’s #Shareacoke campaign that you probably remember from a while back. The bottom line is be creative, find a topic that speaks to your target audience, and even consider rewards for random potential candidates who use your hashtag.

#4 – Highlight Key Employees

Put the spotlight on employees at every level in the organization by featuring an employee weekly or monthly and giving them an opportunity to share their story. Some things you might ask them could be:

  • What inspires you to do what you do?
  • What do you enjoy most about working here?
  • What was the best day that you’ve had working here?
  • How does the organization recognize a job well done?
  • What impact does your work have on the organization and on the world?

Ensure everybody from the intern to the CEO have the opportunity to share their perspective on what it’s like to work at your company.

#5 – Create Dedicated Careers Accounts

By creating a dedicated careers account with each social media platform and frequently tagging the company’s public-facing social media pages, you can engage your target network while taking advantage of the many contacts of the organization as a whole. This allows you to post as frequently as you’d like without inundating the company page and share company posts that improve exposure and demonstrate the culture and mission.

#6 – Challenge Your Audience

Audiences love to participate and are more likely to engage when your content speaks directly to them. Share polls about employee satisfaction at work, employee motivation, and employee engagement to open the door for communication and give you an idea of what portion of your audience is open to new opportunities. Post open-ended questions that encourage discussion in the comments section such as, “What’s the proudest moment of your career?” and, “Would you consider your work a job or a career, and why?”

These quick and easy tips can improve engagement and recruitment results for little to nothing – in terms of budget and effort. It’s a win win!




Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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