The future of candidate engagement: kununu rolls out NEW Q&A feature to help HR’s engage directly with interested candidates

January 30, 2018

Everyone who is looking for great talent today knows this is true – it’s a challenge to get the right candidates interested in your company.

But having said that, have you ever stopped to think about all the promising job candidates out there who almost applied to your company, but didn’t? Whether it’s because they got hung up on some questions about your company that they couldn’t find the answers to, or because they read a less-than-favorable review about your company (or a few!) that turned them off, great talent is slipping out of your hands all the time.

That’s one of the many reasons we here at kununu developed our newest feature that’s freely available to ALL companies – including yours – starting today:

Company Q&A.

the Q&A section on kununu’s company profile

What is Q&A?

You’re probably familiar with the general concept of Q&As – someone asks a question and another person provides an answer.

That’s exactly how it works on kununu’s Q&A (or as we lovingly call it, “kununity”), except all of the questions and answers live on company-specific pages on kununu.

Here’s a real example of the Q&A section for iHerb, a health company based in California that we’re huge fans of:

Now imagine your company’s name up there. How great would this be for your talent attraction and candidate experience goals?

You don’t have to just imagine it, you can get a Q&A page of your own for free. Go here to get your company Q&A up and running.



Let’s talk about the cool features that Q&A comes with.

Along with questions and answers themselves, there’s:

  • the option for the person to identify their relation to the company when asking their question
  • information about each responder’s relation to the company
  • the ability to upvote an answer as “Helpful”

And here’s a list of all of the current features available with today’s launch (which we will be adding to in the not too distant future):

  • Ask questions and share answers
  • Immediate notification to your company (if you’ve claimed your profile) when there are new questions 
  • Option to assign your role when answering
  • Company users
  • Admin tools
  • Ability to upvote answers as “Helpful”
  • Ability to report misuse / flag content 


Improve candidate experience with Q&A

Now that you have an overview of what Q&A entails, you can probably already think of the benefits it can bring to your company.

But just for good measure, here are some of the specific positive benefits of using this Q&A feature for your company’s current talent attraction and candidate engagement processes. With Q&A:

  • You can now engage directly with job seekers who are interested in your company, without having to wait for them to apply
  • You can gather important insight into what topics matter in the job market today to help influence your whole HR process
  • You can provide immediate value and information to job seekers, which sets you up for a positive candidate experience if they decide to apply

If you already feel that this is something that can be useful for your company, jump right in here.


But wait, what kind of questions will people ask?

The short answer is – all kinds of questions!

Just think of the many different questions a person might ask to get to know what its really like inside your company; all of those questions are fair game. There’s only one caveat – just like the more than 2 million reviews we’ve published on kununu, questions in Q&A cannot contain abusive or personally identifying language. We have a large team already dedicated to quality control who’ll help enforce this (more on that in the FAQs below)

But back to the questions. To give you a clearer idea of what to expect, here are some example questions that someone might ask your company through our Q&A:

“Do people work overtime a lot here?”

“Do they drug test applicants?”

“What interview questions does this company ask?”

“How long is the hiring process?”

“Does it matter if I have tattoos?”

“How is work-life balance there?”

“What’s the lunch situation like?”

“I heard the CEO is a jerk, is that true?”

“Can I work from home?”

“Are there chances for career development?”

“How many women are on your team?”

“Can I drink beer at work?”

In response to these questions or any other questions your company might get, other job applicants, your employees or a specific representative from your company can provide answers.

For example, here’s a question someone asked on our company profile, and the answers that our team members provided:

How did we get here?

We’ll spare you the long history lesson, but what you should know is that the main reason why our company, kununu, even exists is to bring workplace insights that matter to everyone – job seekers, employees and companies alike – so that we all can have a better work-life.

So after 10 years of success globally and having collected over 2 million authentic company reviews from real people across over 600,000 companies, and helping thousands of companies learn and benefit from greater workplace transparency, it became time for us to take the next big step forward in creating even more transparency in today’s job market. 

That’s the thought process we had as a company a little over a year ago, and that’s what brought us to today and the launch of our new company Q&A feature that you can start using for your company right now

Before you go, some quick FAQs

How do people ask questions?
With a maximum of two clicks, anyone can ask a question on a company page: Log into with their kununu profile, open the profile of their (desired) employer, then click on the “Questions” tab and ask questions anonymously.

Who answers the questions on my company page?
Other applicants, your employees or a representative of your company can respond to questions.

Is kununu still anonymous?
kununu has always been and always will remain anonymous! As you answer questions on your company page’s Q&A, however, you have the option to identify your relationship to your company to 1) add context to your response and 2) help readers understand you better.  

How does kununu prevent abuse?
Our experienced community support team knows what to do. Just like everything that is submitted on the kununu website, our Q&A is supported by security and quality mechanisms, such as for example, an automatic filter that prevents inappropriate content from going live and clear community guidelines.

And if you do still find something that is inappropriate for publishing, all you have to do is flag it. Click on the flag next to the question or answer and our team will take the question down immediately and give it another look.


And there you have it. We’re so incredibly excited that Q&A is now available to all companies and we want to know what you think about it. Let us know @talktokununu!  And if you haven’t started yet, get your company’s Q&A up and running here.


For more free resources to help you attract, engage and retain great employees, check out our free resources.

Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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