kununu hosts its first meetup with BoTaTo – (Pictures + Event Recap)

April 3, 2018

Last week, the kununu team hosted its first ever local Boston meet-up at District Hall (the world’s first free-standing public innovation center), just around the corner from our office in the booming Seaport District.

We didn’t do it all on our own though! Mike Hebert, Director of People and Culture at edX was key in making it all happen and graciously inviting his group, BoTaTo, to enjoy the night with us. BoTaTo stands for “Boston Talent Acquisition and Talent Operations” and this particular group that Mike has put together hosts some of the smartest and most forward-thinking HR and Talent execs in the Boston area. 

Event recap:

For this meet-up, we focused on two critical and current topics affecting HR and Talent today: Workplace Rating Sites (led by kununu CEO, Moritz Kothe) and Mass Equal Pay Act (led by Mike Hebert and two lawyer panelists – Kristy L. Avino, Esq. of McCARTER & ENGLISH, LLP, and Bronwyn L. Roberts, Partner of Duane Morris LLP).

In addition to having two great, info-packed discussions around our focus topics (we’ll share the highlights from kununu’s topic at the bottom of this post), the meet-up event was also filled with some of the best sliders and bar drinks this side of the Charles River, and tons of valuable networking among a room full of talent execs and recruiters from the Boston area, from companies such as: Wayfair, TripAdvisor, edX, Toast, Zipcar, athenahealth, Sullivan Tire and Auto, Acquia, Demandware(a Salesforce Company), PatientPing, Applause, Cengage Learning, The Peloton Group, SharkNinja, Acorio, Cambridge Consultants, Delta Management Services and more.

A few pictures from the event:

Gotta put a little bit of our branding around so you know we’re here… 🙂  


People checking into the District Hall main lounge event space (Gather, which you see in the background, is the attached restaurant / bar)

Drinks are flowing and the place is filling up!

Sliders are out! (check out our Instagram post for the full food spread)

Some networking before the two sessions start

This way to the sessions! Bring your notebooks…

We’re all set up in a nice room

Moritz Kothe, kununu CEO, starts off his talk with a warm welcome

A view of the crowd during Moritz’ talk on Workplace Review Sites (photo courtesy of Mike Hebert, posted on the meet-up page) We’ve also shared some of these on Instagram – follow us there if you haven’t and we’ll follow back! @kununu_US

And now to the meet-up content…

Whether you were in attendance or not, we figured it’d be useful to fill in the blanks that the pictures don’t tell you. Here’s a high-level recap of the first topic of the night – kununu CEO, Moritz’s session about Workplace Review Site Truths:

  • The big question for us all to think about: “Have you ever started a new job & after the first day regretted your decision?” (many answered yes and had specific personal stories to share)
  • You’ll find “yes” quite often today because the “War for Talent” is real, and in the job market this causes employers and recruiters to do one major (wrong) thing in hopes to attract top talent – oversell their jobs and companies.
  • Usually suspicious of getting oversold, today’s job hunters rely heavily on workplace review sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and kununu to get the truth about work life at companies.
  • However, as HR and Talent execs, we are all familiar with and aware of the common perception that review sites are biased and inaccurate. Is this perception true though? Moritz shares the core findings from kununu’s recent study that reveals how strong a bias there actually is between workplace review sites and reality. [Download the study itself here: The Truth About Your Online Company Reviews]
  • He dives in further about how the feedback loop that review sites create, albeit with a certain level of bias, gives HR and Talent teams a chance to
    • Understand what people really feel
    • Get employees involved
    • And most importantly, ACT on feedback to become better employers.
  • Moritz also introduces a brand new product that kununu has just recently launched (now in open beta) to help companies do exactly that – ACT on feedback to become better employers
  • Session wraps up with a very engaging Q&A, including questions such as:
    • What does an employer have to do when they know some reviews are fake or unfairly biased (both in the positive and in the negative sense)?
    • How does kununu feel about/differentiate from specifically Glassdoor?
    • How will kununu grow its brand in the US market, especially considering that it is a very well-known and established brand in Europe?

[To get access to the full video recording of this ted talk, follow us on Twitter @talktokununu and connect with us on Linkedin for updates.]

The second topic of the night, the Mass Equal Pay Act led by Mike Hebert and his lawyer panel, Kristy L. Avino, Esq. and Bronwyn L. Roberts, was just as engaging (if not moreso) than our first session! And this is very likely due to how current and important this topic is among the crowd on-hand and also among the greater Massachusetts HR and Talent community.

While we don’t have full footage of that session around the Mass Equal Pay Act (you have to be in attendance at BoTaTo meet-ups for the content, typically 🙂 ), we here at kununu are thinking of setting up a follow-up live Q&A lawyer session around the same topic and how you and your teams can properly prepare yourselves for it before the law goes into effect on July 1, 2018. If that is something you’re interested in, let us know by filling out this quick form

Feel free to check out kununu’s free resources that help you attract, engage and retain great talent in your organization.

Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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