kununu’s Best of the Web: Talent Acquisition Round-Up (Volume 1)

June 8, 2017

Emotional intelligence, employer branding and the brand new Google Hire make the list of our top talent acquisition topics this week. See below for perspectives from a few of our favorite HR resources including Harvard Business Review, HR Dive, and Recruitics.

How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence
via HBR

We know from research (and common sense) that people who understand and manage their own and others’ emotions make better leaders. They are able to deal with stress, overcome obstacles, and inspire others to work toward collective goals. They manage conflict with less fallout and build stronger teams. And they are generally happier at work, too. [But] one of the reasons we see far too little emotional intelligence in the workplace is that we don’t hire for it. We hire for pedigree. You actually can hire for emotional intelligence — and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you want to begin, start with these dos and don’ts.


Authenticity, transparency – keys to keeping an employer brand on point
via HR Dive

Like any marketing specialist would say, the message is more than just words. Employer brands need to be backed up with action — constant communication and decisions based on values, not just image. In essence, employers need to walk the walk, not just talk the fancy talk. HR Dive spoke with Bryan Chaney, the talent branding and attraction strategist at Indeed, to discern what it takes to keep a company’s brand on point.


What Google Hire Means For Your Recruitment Strategy

via Recruitics

As you might have noticed, Google is making quite the stir in the online recruitment space lately. Many have speculated for years that the search giant–with its seemingly endless resources–was uniquely poised to disrupt the industry, but for whatever reason had avoided throwing its hat in the ring. But last month that all changed with the launch of the Google Hire website, and now many are wondering what this might mean for their recruitment strategy?



Linda Le Phan
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