kununu’s Best of the Web: Talent Acquisition Round-Up (Volume 4)

September 11, 2017

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Here to bring you another edition of our talent acquisition roundup, made up of our favorite popular pieces from around the web. This week’s top stories are about recruiting diverse talent, the “get sh*t done mentality”, what the key to company culture success is, and why company culture is terrifying for some.

Check them out below:

Forget Stereotypes … How To Recruit Talented, Neurodiverse Employees
via The Guardian

By improving workplaces and recruitment, firms can attract neurodiverse talent. Ray Coyle, Auticon’s CEO, says there’s a strong business case for employing neurodiverse people. Nicola Whiting is chief operating officer at cybersecurity firm Titania, which works for organisations such as Nato and the FBI.



Solving The Recruitment Image Problem
via Forbes

Technology will become so normalized in the recruiting process that companies in the future will differentiate themselves by having humans work with candidates. Combined, recruiters can become recruitment leaders or ambassadors for the industry and change the recruiter image. As a whole, the recruiting industry is changing rapidly and it is important to keep up with the industry.



‘Get Sh*t Done’ Is This Company’s Rallying Cry. Maybe It Should Be Yours, Too?
via Entrepreneur

Incorporating GSD into your own company’s culture will help you walk the line between aggressive work and supportive leadership, which, in turn, will help your people work harder and smarter. Joe Nolan, CEO of Motus, told an American Express writer how he gets his hands dirty doing the same work his employees do.



Purpose? Values? Innovation? What’s the Real Key to Company Culture Success?
via INC

5 experts were asked about organizational culture to share their advice for creating company cultures that inspire employees and create value for customers. Yet, while values may suffer in implementation, they’re critical to your company culture and the relationship you have with both customers and employees.



Recruiting Better Employees Starts With a More Human Hiring Process
via Business News Daily

If you’ve streamlined your recruitment and hiring process to maximize technology, you may be missing out on the most promising candidates. According to the study, job candidates reported one of the most important factors in creating a positive impression of a company began with the hiring manager’s ability to connect personally.



Vinomofo Just Explained Why Creating A Company Culture Is ‘cool, but kind of terrifying’
via Business Insider

Company culture can be a lucrative point of difference for a modern business. Co-founder of Vinomofo Andre Eikmeier recalled the moment he and co-founder Dry took on their first employee and realized thru had to think about the culture they wanted to create. “We searched and searched and searched… Surely somebody’s got a great culture handbook and nobody did. “That became the cornerstone in our culture. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day.”



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