Recommended Reading: 15 Awesome Company Culture, Recruiting and Employer Branding Articles You Should Read

March 22, 2018

Here at kununu we try to pump out as much useful original content around company culture, recruiting and employer branding as possible on a regular basis, whether that’s on our blog, resources page or on our social channels. And we do that to 1) provide value to anyone who happens to come by and check us out, and 2) because we’re all in this crazy recruiting world together, right?

But while we’re working on our own stuff, we’re also reading up ALOT on all of the other content that our fellow publishers out there are creating too. We really have to pay respect everyone out there who is also creating truly awesome content around the same topics we care about, which is why we’re putting together this monthly roundup of recommended articles. We might switch it up from time to time, but this month it’s all about company culture, recruiting and employer branding.

Read on for some hearty, educational reads!

Recommended reading

Facebook is Taking on LinkedIn and Other Top Job Search Sites via Business Insider

As economy heats up, job sites compete to find candidates fast via CNN

Culture is More Than Hiring the Right People via Business2Community

10 Experts Share The #1 Most Common Employer Branding Mistake They See Companies Make via kununu

Former Google Recruiter: This is How To Improve Your Interviews via Fast Company

‘I’m beyond anger’ – why the great pay gap reveal is an explosive moment for gender equality via The Guardian

What Role Does Social Media Play in Employer Brand? via Undercover Recruiter

How to Hire for A Hard-to-Fill (Unattractive) Roll via kununu

If You Want a Successful Company Culture, Don’t Copy Someone Else’s via Entrepreneur

10 Candidate Experience Tips That Will Increase Offer Acceptance Ratios via

Employee Retention Strategies In a Zero Unemployment Job Market via RiseSmart

Which Personality is Worse for Company Culture – The “Talented Jerk” or The “Charming Under-Performer”? via kununu

4 Ways To Encourage Active, Healthy Teams In The Winter  via Genesis HR Solutions

How to Leverage The Power of the Pack to Create Gender Equality via Forbes

What is the Pay Equity Act and How Will It Impact My HR Process? via kununu

This Is What Really Happens to Your Company Culture When Everyone Works Remotely via Inc


Are there any other recent articles you’ve seen that’s worth mentioning? Let us know @talktokununu! And while you’re in the reading mood, here’s another big roundup of 30+ great talent, recruiting and employer branding articles from last year.




Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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