Using Your Company’s Perks and Benefits to Attract the Right Candidates

June 4, 2019

The battle for talent is fierce. With low unemployment rates, attracting and landing those high performers is an ongoing challenge. How can your company stand out above and beyond the competition so that those strong candidates out there choose your opportunity over another?

The answer may be showcasing what your company has to offer in a better way, including your company’s perks and benefits.

Money is no longer the only, or the most important, benefit of working. This is especially true for the largest segment of the work population, Millennials. Displaying and promoting the right mix of perks and benefits might be the catalyst that entices A-players away from other open positions over to yours.

Here’s how to use your company’s perks and benefits to attract the right candidates:

Showcase Them On Your Website

Write up all the perks employees enjoy at your company and add it to your Career page. Keep it friendly and informative, and consider even quoting some employees who are commenting on how the perks positively affect them. Potential new hires who are cruising your website will see them and begin getting to know what they can expect from working at your company.

Talk Them Up In Your Job Description

Job descriptions are probably the way you secure most of your applicant pool. Add a solid section about what the applicant can enjoy if they work for your company. Keep in mind that unique perks like Friday lunch day, bring your pet to work day, and days off to volunteer will catch the eye and pique their interest. Once this section is built, use it in every job ad you post.  

Post Them On Your Social Media

One of the best ways to reach passive candidates is through social media campaigns. People who aren’t even looking for a job may run across your posts and decide to apply if you’re sending the right message that resonates with them. Whatever you do, though, make sure your employer brand looks authentic on social media while being attractive to job seekers – you want to show off but shouldn’t look like you’re over-selling yourself!

Explain Them During the Interview

Don’t assume because you’ve talked about your perks and benefits on your website, in your job descriptions, and on social media that your interviewees know about them. They might have missed them or forgotten them. Take a few minutes and discuss all the perks employees get by working there. If they are interviewing with other companies that don’t mention such perks, this could be the information that sways them your way.

Weave Them Into Your Employer Brand

Anything you’re doing externally to promote your company to potential candidates, you can do internally to boost your internal company culture. In other words, take all the tips above and use them with current employees to make sure your perks and benefits are recognized as an advantage of employment at your organization. Send out reminders periodically of the unique perks, showcase them in your social media (your staff enjoying Ice Cream Day, for example), and make your workplace better with the provided perks. Employees will be more likely to talk about them, which may lead to more referrals. Current and past employees may also share them on employee review sites so potential job seekers can read them and establish a positive opinion about working for your company.

Wooing A-players in this competitive marketplace isn’t easy. You need to use everything in your arsenal to stay ahead of the competition. Effectively marketing your company’s perks and benefits allows you to maximize your chances of setting your organization apart from the others, and at the end of the day…it may be one of your unique perks that entices the perfect candidate to send in a resume.

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Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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