What Your Career Page Should Say About You As An Employer

July 11, 2018

About 44% of companies say they intend to hire within the next year. For many, this involves a dutiful posting to the company’s career page as well as a few outside job search engines. Don’t be that company. In a candidate-drive hiring market, you want your company’s career page to stand out. To attract top applicants, you need your career page to tell a compelling story that encourages them to take action.

Your Career Page Affects Prospective Employees’ Perceptions

A good career page tells a story. Start by looking at your company’s page with fresh eyes. If it is like most, it has a brief blurb about how great your company is, followed by a list of available positions. This approach is functional, but it does not engage readers and make them excited about opportunities at your organization.

Contrast that with a story-driven career page. This type of web page introduces your company, highlights your innovative work, and inspires candidates to want to work for you. It also gives candidates a strong sense of your company’s values. Job seekers say that a company’s values are more important than recent awards, so your page should tell them about yours. Take Airbnb’s career page as an example:

It has a bold header with a simple mission statement: “Create a world that inspires human connection.” In just a few words, this tells viewers what the company is about and why they might want to work there.


What Your Career Page Should Say About Your Company

Too often, career pages are after-thoughts among other things on a company website. But the best use of a career page is for it to have clear function and utility without being dull. In fact, it should also showcase your company’s personality as much as possible. Consider the following ways that your career page sends a message about your company.


1. You’re forward-thinking.

There’s no excuse for a website that doesn’t function well on mobile devices. 95% of Americans own a cellphone and you better believe that when it comes time for job searching, most will be using their mobile device to help them do it. So failing to make your web page interactive on mobile devices doesn’t just cause you to miss out on a huge portion of the talent pool — it also makes you seem less technologically savvy and forward thinking. Instead, your career page should allow viewers to see job announcements, submit their application materials, and communicate with a hiring coordinator via their mobile device.

2. You pride yourself on having a vibrant workplace.

Telling the story of your company brand is much more compelling if you have interactive media. Create a short video illustrating a day in the life at your company. This gives applicants a feel for the workplace, work culture, and overall energy of the organization. Making your career page interactive with a video pays off in better quality applicants. In fact, job postings with a video get 36% more applicants than those with regular text.

3. You’re responsive and adaptable.

Social media remains the best way for employers to respond and craft their brand. Make it simple for interested applicants to connect with your social media presence. Embed widgets with your Twitter feed or links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles. Given that half of job applicants use social media as part of their search, this is a great way to get people connected with your employer brand. Also remember to use your social media accounts to post new openings or refer people to your career page. This shows that you’re actively engaged with your prospective talent.

4. You care about your candidates.

The last thing you want to do is to make a job candidate’s life harder than it has to be when they’re interested in working at your company, and that applies to everything from how easy it is to find the information about your company that they’re looking for to how difficult the application process is to complete from beginning to end. To accomplish this, you simply have to think about constructing (or updating!) your career page with an eye toward a positive, easy candidate experience for all candidates who are interested in your company. Try adding:

  • A “what to expect” section for those interested in applying, but have not yet done so
  • Prominent sections on your career page that talk about perks, benefits and your company culture, which include real pictures and video of your workplace
  • Employee reviews. 76% candidates do their own research on a company when job searching and by including employee reviews on your career page it ensures that those interested candidates stay close to your company and your application flow. Even better is adding your star rating – this can increase application rates up to 30%. (contact us if you’d like information on how we can implement that for you) 
  • A “next steps” section that explains what happens after someone applies. Outline your process and timeline so your candidates feel more at ease going through your company’s application process

This pays all off by improving your talent pool, as 25% of candidates who had a good experience will maintain a relationship with that employer even after applying for the job.




Linda Le Phan
Senior Content Marketing Manager at kununu.

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