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“...The kununu team assisted us in creating a company profile for our potential applicants and we have seen an improvement in the quality of candidates applying to work with us at iHerb.” 

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Jennifer Rodriguez 

 Talent Acquistion at iHerb

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Industry: Health

Location: California 

Company Size: 900

Download this resource to learn why storytelling should be at the forefront of your recruitment and employer branding. 

Get scientific proof to give your boss to prove having just a career page isn't going to cut it.

What’s in the book

Instead of just writing another simple guide, we decided to create the ultimate resource book complete on Employer Branding that cuts through the noise and helps you and your team shed light on:

What your team can do to get started

Where it's impacted other team's success

How Storytelling amplifies engagement

What Storytelling means for a business

What people are saying:

We love that the videos are presented in the voices of our employees. Their perspective adds a reality to the environment that we offer and the work we do each day. We have received great feedback from our employees that the videos really resonated with them, letting us know they really hit the mark.

Rebecca Kapopoulos

Digital Federal Credit Union

Featuring industry examples from:

Your people.

Stories Inc. uncovers powerful stories and creates engaging recruitment marketing content to help clients build connections with candidates, team members, and customers. 

The Stories Inc. methodology revolves around conducting a series of interviews with an organization’s team members to uncover stories. With an in-house team of talented creative professionals, Stories Inc. brings employee stories to life across a variety of shareable digital media.

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